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Breastfeeding for Husbands and wives
Adult breastfeeding is not illegal in any State but if you are under age or feel uncomfortable with this concept then please do not read any further. We are not promoting illegal activity or supporting promiscuous lifestyles but believe that ANR is a legitimate personal choice with many benefits, largely unknown to the general public and so are here trying to inform those that wish to know.
Following this introduction, further down the page is a collection of common questions and answers gathered from personal experience and research from web articles and books and forums and many links to some of the sources. Enjoy!

Adult breastfeeding (ANR) has been a fascinating topic for centuries and it seems that many women have wanted to try it but been too afraid to ask their husbands and equally many husbands have wanted to try it but been too afraid to ask their wives. Now the free information available on the internet has allowed people to realize that they are not alone and many couples have been set free from condemnation and found a much deeper relationship with their significant other as a result. This page explores the benefits of breastfeeding your man from a personal , medical and spiritual perspective.

We all know how alluring a woman's breasts are to men. Just look at the pinups in girly magazines in any auto shop. Looking at that fact from a natural perspective, we can relate humans to the animal kingdom and see how we are quite different. Every mammal on planet earth feeds its young milk but no other mammal has breasts. Even primates' mammary glands swell when needed to feed but shrink again when weaning is over. Not so women. We get to keep our breasts all of our adult life. Why?
Is it not to keep our husbands happy? They certainly keep my husband happy!

Why do people want to do this?
That question is born out of a lack of social awareness of adult nursing. A recent survey uncovers the reason for it. Over 99% of respondents said they would never tell their friends about it. That means that your friends could be doing it and you wouldn't know! The short answer is, because its good! As mentioned in the warning, its not illegal and it has many health benefits but the main pro is the emotional attachment it brings between two people who love each other.
It seems to be what we were born to do. I feel a sense of completeness as I spend intimate moments together with the one I love most, both emotionally and physically connected, quietly, tenderly, lovingly giving myself in a way that only we two can. Creating an ongoing cycle of love!
I had secretly wanted to try it for as long as I could remember but pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind, thinking it could never happen but... When our daughter was born and I began to nurse her, I began to notice my husband growing envious and tense. I realized that I had taken for granted that my breasts were now off limits to him without thinking it through and the results were not good. One day I saw that look in his eye and I said come on then and offered him the other side. The look of surprise and joy on his face was priceless and suddenly all the tension went out of the air.

Listen to women complaining about common problems and you can tell they don't nurse their husbands; My husband never pays any attention to me!  He never wants to spend any time with me! I wonder if he's having an affair! I can't seem to lose weight, my hips are too big! My periods are excruciating! I hate the hot flashes! I'm worried about breast cancer! I don't want another mamogram!I feel like killing something for a week out of each month!
All these things are taken care of by taking care of your husband with your breasts and it seems that it was always meant to be that way.  My husband can't wait to come home each day and spend some more time with me. Hips are under control and so are my periods.
Could it be that our modern lifestyles have taken us way from the most fulfilling life choice?
Another survey shows that over 30% of people have tried it but that fewer seriously considered it a regular possibility. Perhaps because breastfeeding has become viewed as a short term thing before going back to work and because most people think that you need to have a baby to get milk.

The physiological benefits are now scientifically documented. Nursing results in the hormone oxytocin being released into the blood stream. The hormone is known as the "love" hormone and is the same one that is released when making love. When it is released in the brain it enables nursers to feel trust or bonding with the nursee. It seems that this system was tailor made to be a legitimate alternative to intercourse. Many couples start the downward slide towards divorce as the new baby starts to affect a couples physical relationship. Nursing is an alternative to intercourse and can even be more pleasurable in an emotional way. The deep bonding is sure to improve a couples relationship instead of precipitating the end.

Natural hormone cycle

Not many people have found that life and their relationship is truly wonderful. We all go thru times where it seems pretty good and times when we wonder what we are doing. We tend to impute normality to this fluctuating state of affairs and carry on hoping for better but not sure how or what to do. The truth is that we have physical, emotional and spiritual needs that sometimes coincide and sometimes coincide with our mates. It becomes quite complex.

A typical couple might find that the honeymoon was great, exciting, tiring and scary and unexpectedly wonderful. Unless they had tried before they bought in which case it may have been less intense.
But now the honeymoon is over and we settle into a normal routine. He always seems to want it! Seems like he doesn’t care about my feelings, just wants me to do it more often. She never seems interested, never seems to care that I am desperate for her!

Both sides are annoyed by the others differing sex drive and lack of cooperation leads to harsh words which leads to bitterness and disappointment. Bitterness leads to viewing each other as the reason for the problem rather than the one to help with the problem.

Not having each other to confide in anymore means one must talk to friends about the problem. Ones friends often back one up against our partner, thus causing the rift to grow. Divorce is inevitable! Or an affair!

Marriage becomes the scapegoat for the relational problem instead of the vehicle for lasting and deep emotional fulfillment.

Why is this typical? Why is this scenario being repeated over and over throughout society and even in different cultures? The answer lies at the base of human need and physiology.

Marriage was meant to be fulfilling and to fill our needs for a sense of belonging, security, warmth, intimacy, pleasure, companionship etc. All these things are available but so often don’t get fulfilled. One of the main reasons for this state is our basic natural physical hormone function. It is the interplay between three different hormones in men and women that determine how we feel during sex and afterwards that control most of these behaviour problems.
These hormones are oxytocin, prolactin and dopamine.

Oxytocin is known as the “Love” hormone. It is released in your body when you feel excited to be with a lover, when you make love or at many other significant pleasurable times and especially when you breastfeed. It makes one feel warm and peaceful, helps to grow trust and is very pleasant. This hormone keeps us loving and trusting each other.

Dopamine is the hormone that gives us the rush of orgasm and is also responsible for giving us a rush at other times of great excitement. This hormone is also responsible for addictions such as gambling, junk food and drugs and is why some men prefer pornography to their wives. They are addicted to the hormone rush and it is easier to control without a woman. So now you might think that making love more often is the answer to the problem. Sorry, we haven’t looked at prolactin yet.

Prolactin is released after the dopamine rush is over, a balancing agent. Unfortunately it can get out of hand sometimes. One feels so great during orgasm but a few hours later, one had better be asleep as the prolactin depression sets in. For most men this depression is short and hardly noticed. Usually it lasts for a couple of days and then hubby wants more. It also causes a man to be more sensitive to sexual stimulation and can produce a stronger desire for more. This is known as the "Coolidge effect." Roosters are a classic example, able to copulate with many different hens all day. One hen will not enable his ardour in the same way.
Unfortunately, her cycle is 2 weeks long and this is one of the underlying physical causes of the emotional problem of marriage. Most women want sex twice per month but most men want it thrice per week. Some want it more often than that, addicted to the dopamine rush and often a woman sees that her husband is after the rush rather than her and is repulsed by it. Feels used! (Note that women can have the same dopamine addiction but more often it’s the men.)

So now the urge to orgasm has destroyed the oxytocin response and love is dying.

This is compounded after the baby is born and the prolactin surges to great heights. In excess it is called post-natal depression. She is much less interested in sex than ever before. (note this is typical, but everyone is different so this might not fit you) Prolactin also makes her vagina dry so even if she wants to serve her husband, it will likely end in pain and frustration for both. This is natural!

The situation now seems impossible; we are fighting our own natural physiologies. The system seems designed for polygamy. A man with 4 wives will never have to wait and each woman would be able to make love twice per month. Our society does not permit that and so we are stuck with the imbalance problem.

This is when we look at breastfeeding. Remember it produces oxytocin, the love hormone. It is possible to remain in love without getting the dopamine rush. A couple who are not so worried about having an orgasm at regular intervals can find that love grows and grows. The natural method of breastfeeding produces oxytocin at regular intervals several times each day, growing love each time. Some women report having an orgasm when they breastfeed their husbands as well but for most it is just a deepening intimate time of bonding with the one you love. Some husbands report that they don’t feel the need to orgasm so much and that the deep love they feel (oxytocin) is often enough for them. This also tends to bring the husband and the wife closer together onto the 2 week prolactin cylcle. Ahh, peace at last! What stops more people from discovering this wonderful way to marital harmony? The question of what will people think.

The short answer is, don’t tell them!

The ancient Chinese Taoists would sometimes work towards developing a loving relationship with very little sex to avoid the highs and lows of the dopamine /prolactin cycle and just concentrated on the oxytocin response.

King Solomon advised his son to pay more attention to his wife’s breasts and thereby avoid the urge to commit adultery. A pity more have not tried it! King Solomon had 136 wives, gifts from neighboring kings and dignitaries, and so he had plenty of opportunity to observe. He had the pick of the most beautiful women in the area but I guess he kept going back to the one who breastfed him.

He also noted that breasts are available at all times, whereas we have noted that the vagina is not always available.

So we see that the natural hormone cycle is responsible for the usual state of marital relations but lets not take away responsibility for our thought s and actions.

We are still able to control what we say to each other and what we do about our feelings. Lets just remember that our spouse is not the enemy but that we both have a physiology to work with that sometimes runs contrary to our desires. Our desires may be born out of social expectation and need not be the controlling factors of our life. We can retrain ourselves from our social conditioning and we can grow love by working with the natural hormonal function of our bodies instead of against it. The fact that is prevents cancer and has many other wonderful side effects makes nursing even better.

 One woman on a forum claims to have cured her husband from drug addiction by regular nursing. I was sceptical at first but the adiction he had was caused by his own body's hormonal reaction to the stimulus and so changing the stimulus to oxytocin could work.


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Where can I find a partner for ANR?

Can I breastfeed my husband as well as my baby?
Doctors are often asked questions like, "My husband wants to taste my breastmilk, is it ok if he does?" Yes, our breasts are designed to produce as much milk as is required of them so if we want to feed our husband as well, they will just make more. There are many women who are feeding a baby and a toddler and there are some women who are feeding three children. Some women are even nursing 2 children and their husband. Just make sure you get enough rest and drink plenty of water. The only advice Drs have is to make sure your husband doesn't have an infection. Of course if he does, you will likely have already got it too. They also recommend you make sure baby gets his fill first. Alternatively you could reserve one side for bubs and one side for hubs.
Husbands can come in very handy as there are seasons in breastfeeding. For example, your child may have a slow growth period (nursing strike) and not want so much. Without a husband to relieve the pressure you will be very uncomfortable and may become engorged. Many women these days use a pump, but what did women do for the last 3,000 years? When baby starts sleeping thru the night is another time when a husband is invaluable.
This woman feeds her baby, herself, her husband , her mother and still has more.

Is it ok to feed my husband at the same time as my baby?
Nature is our guide here. Many women worry that they will be doing something too kinky or that it will have a long term effect on their child's psyche.
Notice that when you have letdown while feeding your child, you also have letdown on the other side where nobody is nursing. This is a waste of precious milk and may have been designed to attract husbands. It certainly save time if they nurse together. Will your child remember it? Most children don't remember anything below age 3.

Is it ok to nurse my husband while I am pregnant?
Probably; Doctors used to advise a woman stop nursing while pregnant incase it induced premature labor from the contractions but so many women are nursing toddlers while pregnant that they now know it is a very small risk. Most would advise stopping in the last month to be sure and to allow colostrum to be produced for the baby's first few days of life outside the womb.

Can I get pregnant while nursing my husband?
Maybe! Nursing regularly can inhibit ovulation although a friend of mine has gotten pregnant while nursing several times. Some find it a useful form of bifth control either because it inhibits ovulation or because it relaces intercourse.
Don't trust the ovulation response as a total birth control but don't nurse if you are trying to get pregnant either.

Is breast milk good for my husband? 
Yes, it is the most wonderful substance, with the perfect nutritional balance, easy to digest and with immunological properties still being discovered. Your husband may never get sick. The same benefits it gives to children apply to adults. Researchers have been doing experiments with it and discovered that it can even kill cancer cells. Some cancer patients are quietly buying breast milk from local hospitals to boost their immune systems and allow them to keep from losing too much weight during Chemo or radio therapy. There is a long history of breast feeding older people who need easy to digest food. See the cultural history page.

Can my husband survive on breast milk only?
Not quite sure why anyone would want to do this but there is a man trying it. His wife produced a lot and stored it and he is now on a 100% breast milk diet to see if it works. I guess it could reduce food bills!

Can my husband get AIDS from drinking breastmilk?
HIV antibodies are transmitted thru breastmilk from an infected mother but the antibodies are the agents that prevent AIDS infection not the disease itself. There have been no reported cases of adults contracting AIDS from an HIV positive women and very few cases of babies either. HIV anti bodies are transmitted in the first 2 months of a baby's life but not the disease itself. All the mothers antibodies are transmitted to baby to protect it from disease. Most of the figures available for AIDS infected children are calculated below age 15 which include sexually active children over 12 and so there are no figures for breastfeeding babies deaths as the deaths appeared to be the results or poor nutrition or neglect rather than the disease. A specific study showed that 6.1% of babies contracted HIV from their mothers while breastfeeding whereas 14% got it when not breastfeeding. This shows that breastmilk still protects babies even when mothers have HIV. You should also remember that babies have undeveloped immune systems and so adults are even less likely to get it than babies are. You could say that babies are twice as likely to get it if they don't breastfeed or that a breastfeeding husband is less likely to get it than one who doesn't.

How often will I have to nurse to keep my milk supply going?
Everybody is different so there are no hard rules but regularity is the key and most people seem to need 2 or 3 times per day as a minimum. I have heard of women nursing every couple of days successfully but I think this is highly unusual. Relaxing with it helps a lot. Adult nursing is not about performance but resting in what we were made to do. Its the intimacy that is most important, not the supply quantity.

How can I keep my milk supply going while my husband is away?
 Many people buy a pump for those times when hubby is at work but the Marmet technique works well for some and its free. Hand expression should be quite efficient for most women.

What are "Breastgasms"?
As you have probably read, breastfeeding produces the love hormone oxytocin. It is also produced when making love in the usual way. It usually feels like euphoria, a deep feeling of peace, but it also has a physical function, it contracts certain muscles in a woman's body.; the uterus and the milk ejaculation muscles behind a woman's nipples. This ejaculation effect makes her milk squirt out when arroused just like a male ejaculation. The feeling varies from a slight tingle to a full shuddering wonderful experience combining the physical and emotional. One woman on a forum (SNCList) claims she breastfeeds her husband 4-5 times each day and averages 3-4 orgasms each day. It seems that the longer one nurses for, (more than 2 years) the stronger the effect.

Will breastfeeding my partner make my breasts sag?
The latest research shows that breastfeeding does not increase sag rates but that smoking does. It destroys the elastin in the skin which keeps it from sagging. Breastfeeding moms had no increase in sag rate from the control group.

I have never had a baby, can I ever produce milk?
Yes, the system works purely by nipple stimulation so anyone can make milk anytime. Self induction is the term for it. The nerves in the nipples send signals to the pituitary gland in the brain, which releases the hormones oxytocin and prolactin. The oxytocin gives one a kind of high and a sense of peace and the prolactin tells the breasts to start making milk. However being pregnant does help the process along, getting the breasts ready in advance of the regular nipple stimulation that will follow when baby begins to suckle. So if you have never been pregnant it may take a bit longer to begin poducing milk. Instead of 4 days of nursing every few hours, it may take more like 4 weeks. Many women who have not or could not have a baby have found great comfort in comforting their husbands this way.
This is quite a heavy schedule and if you are working outside the home, it may be difficult to fit in enough stimulation sessions. Manual stimulation during breaks will help or you could use a TENS unit. This is a small electronic device that send small electrical current thru the skin. designed to relieve pain it can also simulate suckling and can be worn under your clothes and set to operate at intervals while you work.

I have had a hysterectomy, can I still nurse my husband?
 Yes, as discussed above, the system does not have any thing to do with the reproductive system but is directly between the breasts and the pituitary gland in the brain. Whether you have ovaries or not is irellevant. Regular nursing has the added benefit for older women of reducing vaginal dryness and hot flashes that accompany menopause.

How long can I nurse my husband for? 
The short answer is indefinitely. I know of women who have been nursing their husbands for years and are still going at 88 years old. Of course keeping production up depends on how often you can nurse each day. twice per day seems to be an average minimum. Each session should not exceed @ 30 minutes although each person is different. Some may find 20 minutes too much and others enjoy 1 hour.

I am over 40, will nursing increase risk of osteoporosis?
  Probably not!
No statistics have been done on lactating women over 40 because there are so few willing to admit it and many less than was common 50 years ago. There is our clue! For centuries osteoporosis was virtually unknown as women breastfed until their 50s or more. (before the pill)
The indicators we do have show a strengthening of women's bones as a result of long term breastfeeding rather than a weakening of the system.
Seems like calcium uptake is improved with the general well being of a nursing woman.
Note that the calcium percentage in breast milk is very small, hardly constituting a drain on a woman's body. Much lower than the recommended daily requirements. That means that either growing babies need lees calcium than we thought or breast milk is not enough for growing babies. If you are worried, then a supplement would not hurt!

I am a Pastor's wife, is nursing my husband a sin?
  We have several points of reference to answer this question.
Firstly the bible gives us a clear indication that it is not only ok but recommended to prevent adultery.  Solomon was explaining to his son how to avoid adultery in Proverbs 5. He said "Drink from your own cisterns" or get your needs met at home! Verse 19 , it says "Let your wife's breasts "satisfy" you at "all times". The original Hebrew version of satisfy could equally have been translated, "drink your fill" and all times means anytime but could have been translated as "regularly or daily". There is no doubt that a couple who have such regular daily physical contact will be more in love than if not and too busy for other relationships. Did Solomon know about the bonding effect? Probably! He was reknowned as a biology teacher. He follows up with , "Why be captured by another woman's bossom?" The inference is obvious when you think about it, if you think about it.
The Prophet Isaiah used breastfeeding as an example to the men he was speaking to of how good it was going to be in the new Jerusalem. He said; You shall be comforted by the breasts of her consolations, you shall suck and be satisfied by her overflowing abundance!
This to an adult male audience who obviously new what he was talking about. The Hebrew word used can also be used to express the milk squirting out such as when a woman experiences an orgasm with full breasts. Some translations use the word glory. It is a womans glory to use the breasts God gave her to satisfy her husband. "Let your wife be a fountain of blessing in the midst of your house".

 In Exodus the children of Israel are told they are going to a land overflowing with "milk and honey". Commentators mostly say the milk was goats and the honey, fig juice (then why not call it fig juice?) but some say it was breastmilk and bee honey, both being kosher substances obtained from non kosher animals, thus showing God's miraculous power over the land. If you travel to Israel over land, you cannot help but be amazed how the surrounding desert suddenly changes to gardens as you cross the border.
 The Talmud (ancient Jewish social code) states that a man may do "as he pleases" with his wife. That means any kind of activity was ruled as ok by God. It is sex outside of marriage that is wrong but inside , anything is ok.
Our third reference is physiology. Why did God make the same hormone release available thru both intercourse and nursing? Because they are two equally legitimate alternatives! God made it that way. Many marriages may have been saved if the wife had allowed her husband to suckle while she was recovering from the birth of their baby instead of pushing him away completely. Be at peace, God made the system to be a blessing not a curse.

In the natural, God gave women breasts 24/7 for around 55 years of their life. A waste if they only use them for 2 children for 6 months each as some do. Why do women have breasts when other mammals don't. Because they are not just for babies. God is not happy with people who don't use their gifts. In the Song of Solomon it is recorded that a young sister cannot marry because she has no breasts. (arranged marriage) We know that even very small breasts are able to feed a baby but perhaps her husband will not be happy.

Lastly, medical research proves that nursing is good for both parties. Weigh that up against the law of God and see that everything God said not to do is because the long term effects are bad for our health. Breast feeding is good for our health so...enjoy.

This is a Christian support group for those who want to nurse their husbands ONLY.

I have enjoyed nursing my baby but don't enjoy nursing my husband, what's wrong?

Many women feel that breastfeeding is a children only thing whether by social conditioning or by oxytocin conditioning. The most important point to remember is that it is conditioning. Your feelings can and will change with the conditions. It is up to you to decide which conditions you will continue with. If you truly love your husband and it is him wanting to nurse, be at peace! You can re-condition yourself by deciding to keep trying regularly until the oxytocin retrains your feelings to enjoy it.

My baby doesn't hurt when I nurse but my husband does?
Husbands need practice to latch on correctly just as anything else. Make sure you get your nipple right inside his mouth. Don't let him latch onto the end. His lips should be around the entire auriola.
 If it still hurts , he may be sucking too hard. He doesn't really need to suck at all. Just enough is needed to swallow the milk. His tongue should be under the nipple and gently pressing up and down to stimulate the flow.

Breast cancer prevention.
I have already discussed breastfeeding to prevent cancer, both breast and cervical cancer are often hormone induced (estrogen) and breastfeeding regularly stimulates the right hormones (prolactin) and prevents cancer from beginning. Breastmilk increases immunity in both  nurser and nursee. Cancer cells are always present in a body but the immune system gets rid of them until it is depressed by a trauma in a persons life. Then it may be the extra immunity from breastmillk that will prevent it from beginning. Some women are very happy to breastfeed their kids for a couple of years but then what? Well thats what husbands are for. You can keep going as long as you keep him! The great rising killer of men in modern cities is prostate cancer and it seems that breastmilk also prevents that from growing.

I want to nurse My husband but he is not interested?
 I think most men are interested but some are lazy and don't want to commit to the regular schedule needed to keep up the milk supply. You may need a pump or hand expression to fill in between sessions.
 Others are afraid of their wife's reaction when she finds out he wants it so much. Invite him gently!
He may not realize how much it means to you. You could try telling him that you have a problem you need him to help with or just make sure you mention it next time you are making love and he is at your breast. Something like Mmm that's good, or "More!"
Some husbands dont want to put out so much effort and or are afraid it will lead to sex.
One couple were interviewed about it and stated that breastfeeding cured his erectile dysfunction.

What does breast milk taste like?
Not such a simple question. It is very sweet when compared to cows milk. Like milk with honey in it but... it actually changes consistancy through the duration of a feed time, beginning thin and sweet and finishing with more fat content at the end. It also changes consistancy from when a baby is first born and changing as the child grows. Amazing stuff. The flavor is also changed by whatever the woman eats. Fenugreek can strongly affect the flavor as can chilli and other herbs. Some say that babies prefer a little chilli flavor. 
If a woman induces (has no children) her milk will be the same consistancy as if she had a 1- 2 year old.

My husband and I have decided to induce but its been ages and no milk?
Inducing can be a long process depending on your circumstances.
What you are doing in effect is telling your body to grow milk making vessels and begin production. This process is begun by nipple stimulation/suckling, which causes prolactin to be produced. The prolactin makes your breasts grow milk producing alveoli and orders milk. This happens about 10 times per day with a new born baby. After a day or 4 the milk comes in. If you have no baby then you are probably suckling less than 10 times per day, probably more like 3. It may be possible to induce with only 3 times per day but you will have to be very regular and space those 3 times at strict 8 hour intervals. Like taking medicine, you simply need to maintain a higher level of prolactin in your body to get milk. The more often you can nurse, the better/faster it will go. Five or six times per day for 10-20 minutes each should do it. Point two, relax! Stress is a killer! Another factor may be the dopamine effect. Dopamine is stimulated when you make love. If you make love before or immediately after nursing it may counteract the prolactin production. Try several sessions without making love. In the end the emotional bonding is more important than the milk but the milk is a great bonus for the effort and the "breastgasms" are worth it.

My Story.
When I first got pregnant, I worried that I would not be able to breastfeed at all. I never thought about whether my husband would want to. I naturally assumed that MY breasts were for MY baby and no-one else. His first approach to me came as a shock to me. I began to wonder who I'd married! Body fluids had always put me off and I didn't want to make myself so vulnerable either. However, pain forced me to accept his offer of help. Several times during the early days I became engorged and it was so painful and there was no pump (they never worked on me anyway) so I reluctantly let him take the pressure for me. Then I got mastitus and the cure was more frequent nursing. Baby had had enough and just wanted to sleep so it was back to hubby. He enjoyed it immensley and seemed generally much happier for it. I conceded that it wasn't so bad and let him have one side each morning. The results are that we are becoming closer and more in love and starting to feel like we are on our honeymoon again. Not the usual battle after birth!
He calls my milk, "Love liquid" and it certainly seems to be working for us!

A Mans view

I have been fascinated by womens breasts and their function as long as I can remember. In my teens I overheard boys talking about girls and choosing which girl to persue according to whether she had big enough breasts but I never voiced my attraction and thought I was the only one interested in a woman's milk. When I married I so wanted to spend more time on my wife's breasts but the hormones took over and propelled me onwards each time.
Then the baby came and what a wonderful transformation her breasts had. So big and beautiful and delicious as well. I began to get a taste but not enough as the hormones propelled me onwards and those magnificent mamaries were reserved for junior, who got them several times each day. I began to feel ripped off.  I began to feel angry and jealous as my wife was off limits to me but freely available to my baby. The tension between us grew. 
Then a wonderful event occured. Our baby started to sleep longer thru the night and needed no feed at midnight. My wife woke up overfull and very uncomfortable. She woke me by brushing her nipple against my mouth. I was amazed! It was better than a dream! I sucked happily and was surprised at how nice it was, thinking that fantasy was probably better than reality. I was wrong! Then she had letdown and again I was amazed at how fast that delicious milk poured into my mouth. It was like a female ejaculation. Overwhelming! That was followed by passionate lovemaking.

The ice had been broken and whenever she was uncomfortably full, I volunteered my services. It just seems to get better and better as we become more intimate and find new depths to our relationship.
And then I found out that I was not the only one. There are thousand s of couples doing this, as forums can attest! 
Not only that but it is advocated in the bible!! (Prov 5:19) If more couples nursed, I think there would be fewer divorces and no need for affairs. And it prevents cancer!
Who could ask for better than that?

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