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Welcome to LoveLait, the site that celebrates womanhood and  supports all those who want to enjoy breast health and breastfeeding, with information collected from many sources including Doctors advice, personal experience and anecdotes from the Internet and bible references.

We also have links to websites of a similar nature that support breastfeeding and ANR.

Topics include:

  • breast growth and development,
  • care and breastfeeding problems
  • and benefits.






Breastfeeding husbands is specifically for ANR lovers or the curious who want to find out about specific problems and benefits.

ANR cultural history looks at past instances of ANR and some current news exploring this option.

There are pictures so if the sight of bare breasts upsets you please do not go to this page.

The contacts page is for FREE advertising of related equipment or breast milk and  links to other sites or articles of a similar nature have been moved to the bottom of the Breast health and development page.

We at LoveLait support committed loving relationships and there is no facility for looking for partners, just info.

 This is a clean health oriented site but with some adult concepts and content so if you are under age we request that you do not go any further into this site.

Please help me out by  paying 50 cents by clicking on the buy button.
I began this site after 8 years experience and @ 3 years research, using a freebie website given by a friend. It was just a hobby to help out people and maybe even save lives. It has now become so popular (hit counter long exceeded) that it is using up too much band width each month and if I don't get some help to pay for it I might have to close it.

For advertising; just post a comment on the Contacts page with your name and email address and State. And a short description of your item for sale. So that people interested can email you. Don't use the @ in your email address to avoid spam but use (at) instead.

(Please note: the sale of breast milk is NOT illegal but many institutions feel it is an ethical problem with health risks and do not want to be held responsible. We at lovelait beleive the health risks to be so minimal as to be not worth the worry but; Anyone who posts takes responsibility for their own products and customers. We are in no way accountable for any private sales advertised. Let the buyer beware!)

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